The Apple of My Eyes


The Apple of My Eyes

A few years back,I had heard about an idiom “The  Apple of My Eyes”. But, I’ve never thought about its meaning seriously. I just regarded it as an idiom or phrase and most people will have their ones. Nothing special.

But when I got married and gave birth to a beautiful girl, i felt that I found the true meaning  of the Apple of My Eyes. I start  started to feel how my baby has brought so many positive changes in me by taking out the negative emotions of ego and attitude etc from my personality and made me a good woman and a good mother.  There will be no day without her smile. I have learned much since I become a mother.   Feels like there’s no happiness that could substitute the happiness of being a mother. Alhamdulillah (Thanks God). My motherhood has defined and completed my womanhood.

I called her: Embun. Embun Imaneena Gie is the complete name. Me and my husband choose that name because it has a great meaning namely she will have cooling effect on the wounded hearts. She can alleviate the pains of others with her healing touch and also become a religious girl. One who believes in God and has faith in God. I hope adult Embun will take the meaning of her name as I believe name is a prayer and hope.


3 Komentar

  1. assalamualikum..halu kaka embun cantik…

  2. alu dek Labib, selamat ya lulus ASI-X. Gimana MPASI pertamanya?

  3. mama embun sama bapak embun emang T.O.P.dahhh
    embun yang meneyjukan hati dan cantik :)P

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